Deadpool 3: Marvel Studios officially launches production, with or without Ryan Reynolds?


It's official, Marvel Studios has given the go for the production of Deadpool 3. Will Ryan Reynolds reprise the role of Wade Wilson?

After months of speculation about the future of Deadpool 3 within Marvel Studios , Wade Wilson fans can finally breathe. It's official, the production of the film has started and Ryan Reynolds will indeed be involved in the project . The actor has been working for weeks already with the team of the MCU to find the writers of this new chapter and obviously they found what they were looking for! According to the American website Deadline , the sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Moeglin were chosen to write the new adventures of the character who should make some noise in her new home.

Deadpool is back at Marvel Studios soon – Credit (s): Marvel Studios Read also : More beautiful life: Here is how Samia (Fabienne Carat) will leave the series (SPOILERS).

We still know very little about this new project, but if we are to believe the latest announcements, Deadpool should remain the character we know, even in the MCU's world of “polite” superheroes . The film should once again be banned for young people and we might even be entitled to a few crossovers, an event that fans have been waiting for for years. While many theories are already trying to explain Deadpool's arrival in the MCU , we can't wait to know how Wade Wilson will fit in and especially, when we can hope to see him again on the big screen.