Deadpool 3: this time travel inconsistency proves Wade Wilson won't be able to make it into the MCU


According to this theory, the time travel principles laid out in Deadpool 2 and Avengers Endgame seem contradictory and could complicate Wade Wilson's arrival in the MCU .

While the MCU has been cultivating an image since launch family-friendly, it should be brought to evolve during the next Phases, in particular thanks to the arrival of the most crazy superhero of cinema. Officially announced, Deadpool 3 will indeed allow the character played by Ryan Reynolds to integrate the Marvel universe . However, its introduction could be slowed down due to an inconsistency around time travel. Indeed, according to a Reddit user, the principles erected by the Elder in Avengers: Endgame about time travel would not match those exposed in Deadpool 2 .

Russell in Deadpool 2. – Credit (s): Fox

This theory refers in particular to a well-defined moment in the film during which Wade Wilson manages to change the nature of Russell so that he does not become the dreaded Firefist and don't kill Cable's family. To see also : Tomorrow belongs to us: Soon a new death in the TF1 series? (SPOILERS).

However, this appears to be in total contradiction with the dogmas of the Elder who confided to Bruce Banner during a scene Russo Brothers movie key that time travel could not really impact the future but would participate more in creating alternative timelines. Although Avengers: Endgame controversially used time travel and Deadpool can correct this inconsistency by once again breaking the Fourth Wall, it must be said that these principles appear contradictory and could complicate the arrival of Wade Wilson in the MCU. Fortunately, the studios will certainly be able to count on the creation of the Multiverse to explain

the presence of Deadpool, the superhero who can evolve in particular in an alternative MCU .

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