Deadpool 3: What does the time travel plotline mean for the sequel?


Wade Wilson should travel through time in Deadpool 3 thanks to the technology developed by Cable, could this plot facilitate his integration into the MCU?

So little news is given about Deadpool 3 , the third installment on the solo adventures of Wade Wilson is still in the works, and this time around, on the Disney side. Now that the Mickey-Eared franchise has taken over Fox, she's considering the best way to make the craziest superhero of her generation co-exist in the MCU. Bob Iger, the boss of Disney, has promised that the character of Deadpool will not be distorted, but it is still to be expected that this third installment will be different from the first two. We still wonder if Deadpool 3 will be a direct sequel to previous films or a origin story by Wade Wilson, but either way the solution could lie in the technology used by Cable to fix the timeline in which his wife and daughter were killed . As seen in Deadpool 2 , his time travel watch has been repaired, enough to allow Wade Wilson to connect with the MCU or make Marvel Studios characters part of his story.

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Several scenarios are possible: either Wade Wilson will continue his own story alongside Cable, Domino and the others in Deadpool 3 and will definitely wreak havoc with time travel misuse, either the movie will connect to MCU through this. Marvel Studios may also decide to actually incorporate Deadpool later, the character's cameo in Doctor Strange 2 just confirmed . What's important to clarify is that the time travel used in Deadpool's universe does not follow the same rules as that of the MCU. In Endgame for example, we are told that we cannot change the present in the past because the present would become your past. However, Wade Wilson and Cable have rewritten history completely in their own way, modifying events such as the deaths of Vanessa and Wade, without their current chronology being impacted.

Deadpool – Credit (s): Fox

Marvel Studios could therefore take advantage of Wade Wilson's mishandling of the time machine to land him in the MCU, or let him continue his story on his own . If it was agreed that he would tune into the Marvel Universe, maybe we would explain to him that we don't play with timelines the way we want, and one of the franchise's superheroes would make sure. that his mistakes be corrected. Thus, 4275940 Vanessa's death would be restored, and Wade Wilson could set his sights on Domino in Deadpool 3 . If those are just guesses at the moment, integrating the character into the MCU in this way could make his arrival playful and true to his character! We can't wait to know more, but of course, Melty will be there to give you the latest information.

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