Deadpool 3: Will the movie starring Ryan Reynolds be the origin of X-23 (Dafne Keen) return to the MCU?


The interpreter of X – 15, Dafne Keen confided his enthusiasm the idea of ​​a return to the big screen since the officialization of Deadpool 3 by Marvel Studios.

At the beginning of December, the interpreter of X – 15 in the movie Logan, Dafne Keen, teased his potential return to the big screen . Indeed, the actress of His Dark Materials had revealed in an interview his wish to resume the role of “the girl” of Wolverine, and had even confided that at the time the film with Hugh Jackman had to have the right to a suite. If since the project seems to have been aborted, Dafne Keen n is not ready to say goodbye to the character, the barely aged actress of 13 years having once again expressed their enthusiasm for the future of X – 23 at cinema, especially since the officialization of the third part of Deadpool by Marvel Studios.

Dafne Keen as X – 15 in Logan. Read also : Harry Potter: J.K Rowling's joke sparked a bizarre Godric Gryffindor theory. – Credit (s): Fox

Indeed , in an interview with Looper , Dafne Keen said: “I am optimistic at 100%. I try not to hope too much in case this doesn't happen, but I really hope it does because I loved playing Laura. She's got a spot very special in my heart and she is an amazing character. And to be honest the whole situation of Deadpool 3 really, really made me happy because obviously when Disney bought Fox I assumed they weren't going to make any R-Rated movies anymore, but Deadpool's green light is a good sign for them. other feature films of this genre. “

A statement that will have something to celebrate shady fans who already imagine the actress alongside Ryan Reynolds in the next adaptation of the craziest superhero in cinema. If we must admit that this idea seems rather enticing given Wade Wilson's link with the X-Men, no details have been made on this subject,

X – 15 may also appear in the casting of an X-Men reboot by Marvel Studios!