Death to 2020: Netflix unveils the trailer for its mock documentary from the creators of Black Mirror


Netflix has just unveiled the official trailer for Death to 100 (Death to 2020 in original version), a fake document on the past year with, among others, Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Hugh Grant and Joe Keery.

Black Mirror missing ? Get ready to discover an equally WTF project with Death to 2020 , a fake documentary expected on Netflix and produced by the creators of Black Mirror . Last week, the streaming platform unveiled the first teaser of this project, and if it didn't teach us much, it at least had the merit of announcing the 5-star cast planned for the occasion. To tell all the events of this more than special year, Netflix is paid by famous actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Hugh Grant, Joe Keery, Leslie Jones and Kumail Nanjiani … Today is the official trailer which has just been unveiled and here is what it tells us!

Trailer VOSTFR de Mort à 2020 – Credit (s): Netflix On the same subject : Peaky Blinders season 6: could Lizzie have betrayed Tommy Shelby?

If it is very short, we can see that Samuel L. Jackson will play one of the false experts, Hugh Grant the false historian, while Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe in Friends will play a political figure. Some images of major events of the year 100 such as the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the coronavirus but also the presidential ones were unveiled. We suspect that Death to 2020 will also talk about police violence but also the terrorist attacks that occurred this year. Death to 100 should adopt the same acerbic tone as well as the black humor specific to the British series Black Mirror , a project that will certainly make a lot of noise when it comes out! Pending its release on 21 next December on the platform, we let you discover

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