Destiny The Winx Saga: The Biggest Element The Series Still Lacks


Season 2 of Destiny The Winx Saga could rectify the situation.

After we come back to these questions that we still ask ourselves after the final episode of Destiny The Winx Saga , we continue to look at the novelty Netflix to talk this time about one of its missing elements. Action, suspense and tension are present in the adaptation of the famous cartoon, , however, in our opinion, one essential thing was missing in the new series: a lesbian heroine . With five fairies as heroines, the series has the opportunity to give some lessons in representation, and despite a Dane with still unclear sexuality, we regret the absence of an openly gay or lesbian hero / heroine.

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Among Bloom, Musa, Stella , Aisha and Terra, it would be interesting to see one of them gradually realize her attraction to women and gently explore her bisexuality or her homosexuality. Destiny The Winx Saga

is a teen series and therefore lends itself particularly well since all of its characters are at a formative period in their lives. By continuing to include LGBTQ + characters, the series make everyone feel represented and can facilitate a process that remains complicated . If it seems clear that Bloom and Sky will end up together and that Musa is already in love with Sam, anything is possible for Stella, Aisha or Terra.

The Winx – Credit (s): Netflix

On n ‘don’t forget either Beatrix or, if a season 2 takes place and is integrated into it, the famous Flora that the fans would like to see in the sequel. In any case, the possibilities are numerous, and the writers have ample room to create a space that is more inclusive and representative of the world around us in the series. We would tend to think that Stella could have a particularly interesting plot around a coming-out , after being forced into all boxes. his life. Now that she is starting to free herself from her mother’s influence, the young woman might realize that her love for Sky was what was expected of her but not necessarily driven by her own feelings.

Stella – Credit (s): netflix

In addition, the friendship that begins to be born between them suggests that it is a platonic relationship that suits them best, and Sky could become the confidant of Stella’s questions about her sexuality. Finally, it could be that her affair with Ricki is linked to romantic feelings for her , and Stella could have blinded her by drawing too much strong in negative feelings about his pent-up love for her. In short everything is already there, and we hope that the series will remedy this lack if Netflix renews it. While waiting to see that, discover the nods to Harry Potter hidden in Destiny The Winx Saga.

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