Dexter season 9: 3 questions to be answered in this new season with Michael C. Hall


After a disappointing end for all fans, we hope that Dexter season 9 will answer these three questions.

Anyone who has seen the last season of Dexter are formal. The season finale of season 8 won hands down the palm of “the worst end of the series of all time”! Indeed, the fans were extremely disappointed with the conclusion proposed by the showrunner for the “nice” serial killer. Lucky for them, Showtime announced the arrival of a new burst of episodes last month. Season 9 of Dexter scheduled for 2021 with Michael C. Hall will be the occasion perfect to repair scriptwriting errors made in 2013. In the program ? unreleased episodes that will focus on the new life of Dexter, who became a lumberjack in Oregon under an assumed name . A plot which honestly does not break a duck's three legs but which, we hope, will answer these three questions.

Michael C. Hall in the Dexter series – Credit (s): Showtime

Does Dexter keep killing?

With the arrival of this new season, fans of the series are now waiting to know how Dexter managed to escape and especially if he managed to overcome his demons. Indeed, it was recently learned that Dexter lived very differently in Oregon as a lumberjack under a new name. Could it then be that the latter has managed to get rid of his Dark Passenger for good? Because we know, it is thanks to Harry's Code that the latter has been able during all these years to contain (more or less) his murderous impulses and not to kill innocent . Far from home and out of touch with his former life as a forensic expert, could it be that Dexter is still killing. Worse, failing to be able to “let off steam” on criminals, could the latter have committed the irreparable?

Hannah and Harrison in the Dexter series – Credit (s): Showtime

What happened to Hannah and Harrison?

In the last episode of season 8, after escaping Jacob Elway and the authorities American Hannah flees with Harrison towards Argentina. It is there that she learns in tears that Dexter is missing following the passage of hurricane Laura which hit Miami. On the same subject : Fear The Walking Dead season 6: could Rick come back alongside Morgan one last time? A scene which implies that the latter is therefore not aware that he finally survived. Given that she took Dexter's son with her, there's a good chance the young lady will be back in Season 9 . The opportunity to learn a little more about what happened to Hannah and Harrison during this long absence and to see if Dexter found a way to contact them from Oregon.

Dexter in full execution – Credit (s): Showtime

Will Dexter die?

Even though Dexter only kills criminals, he's still a serial killer who takes pleasure in doing harm. Now, if we follow the logic of American morality, a character like him cannot have a “happy ending”. There is no redemption, no turning back. And for good reason, morally it's complicated to let Dexter live his life quietly and turn the page without paying a heavy price. In fact, the original showrunner Clyde Phillips, who will be back in the revival, had a similar ending for the character: “ Dexter opens his eyes, he's on the table execution in the Florida prison. We are about to give him his injection, he looks behind the glass of the execution room. All the people he killed are there. ” It remains to be seen whether this alternative proposal will be retained in 4277078 season 9 of Dexter which already promises many deaths to come .

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