Die Can Wait: Daniel Craig does his own stunts in James Bond, the proof with these filming injuries


Daniel Craig (007) does his own stunts, the proof with these filming injuries of the James Bond saga!

Daniel Craig performs most of his stunts in the role of James Bond! See the article : Star Wars: this mystery around the men of the sands finally solved. The proof with the many injuries suffered by the actor on the set of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Specter and Die Can Wait . In 2006, at the time of his first mission as 007, the actor, aged 37 years old, had broken both front teeth during a fight scene in Prague , according to a report from the Sunday Mirror! “ He put his hand to his mouth, but the blood started to flow from his fingers – it was horrible. However, he didn't make a fuss “an anonymous source said at the time of the incident.

Daniel Craig – Credit (s): MGM

And that did not work out afterwards, since he resigned the shoulder and lost the tip of one of his fingers! He told People magazine: “ It wasn't that extreme. I lost a piece of the pulp on my finger. I was bleeding a lot . I had to cauterize him. The shooting stopped and everyone said, “Oh my God! He cut off the tip of his finger! They went looking for him, but couldn't find him “. Clearly, the actor would have done better to let a professional stuntman replace him on this one, that to him. would have saved a lot of unnecessary suffering … This is probably what

Lashana Lynch (Nomi) did, who has just confirmed this rumor about his character and in Die Can Wait

007 – Credit (s): MGM

In Specter , Daniel Craig sprained his knee at Pinewood Studios , in London. Fortunately, it was a he mild sprain, cured in a few days, according to the Guardian website. But it doesn't stop there! On the set of Die Can Wait , in Jamaica, he injured his ankle, according to the Sun. Like what, the actor gives of his person so that the adventures of are credible! Do you also feel like a spy despite the danger? If you score 10 to this quiz on Daniel Craig's James Bond, he will bequeath you his license to kill , and it will be up to you to impress us with incredible stunts!

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