Die Hard 3: This violent alternate ending of A Day in Hell could have changed John McClane (Bruce Willis) forever


John McClane could have been a much different hero after Die Hard 3 A Day in Hell because of that alternate ending scene.

While Crystal Trap landed on Amazon Prime Video last year , it’s the platform’s turn Disney + and its new Star catalog to host the Die Hard saga. The opportunity for John McClane fans to (re) dive into the new adventures of this New York policeman. Through incredible adventures our hero made us experience unique moments of cinema. How to forget the famous line “Yippee Ki Yay Motherf “, the fall of Hans Gruber from the top of Nakatomi Plaza, the occupation by mercenaries of Washington-Dulles airport but above all the perilous Jacque a Dit by Simon Peter Gruber in Die Hard: Un Jour en Enfer? Having marked the third installment of the franchise, the character played by Jeremy Irons was one of the most evil and formidable antagonists that John McClane had to face . If the New York policeman helped by Zeus Carver ( Samuel L. Jackson ) managed to stop Simon Gruber at the end of the film, however, the feature film directed by John McTiernan had a much more violent alternate ending.

In this and as as you can see above, John McClane is said to have finally tracked down Simon Gruber in Hungary. The officer later reportedly confronted him in a bar after the German serviceman fled with the stolen gold. As an ironic wink, John McClane is said to have subsequently challenged Simon: to answer his riddles in the form of a Russian roulette wheel. A bloody ending that finally saw Simon killed by the police officer. Unlike the one incorporated into the film, this alternate sequence offered a revengeful apprehension of John McClane and could well have changed our hero forever. What is interesting about this passage is that the character of Bruce Willis seems to be having a certain amount of pleasure. Here, he kills not in the name of self-defense but as part of a vendetta. By playing Russian roulette in this way, John McClane also proves that he has nothing more to lose, having already given up on his job and his wife. Ultimately, this would have profoundly changed our vision of the character as well as the rest of his adventures, especially since recent rumors would have it that Bruce Willis could return in the franchise Die Hard .

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