Dirty Dancing: Patrick Swayze (Johnny) replaced in the sequel? Jennifer Gray (Baby) reveals what it is


Jennifer Gray (Baby) reveals whether or not Patrick Swayze (Johnny) will be replaced in the Dirty Dancing sequel!

Patrick Swayze (Johnny) will it be replaced in Dirty Dancing 2 ? To believe Jennifer Gray (Baby), it is out of the question! Died in 2009, the star is was forged a reputation of sex symbol by playing a lascivious dance teacher as sexy as he was mutinous. Now, this summer , Lionsgate Studios announced the official start of a sequel. Immediately, fans of this love story wondered what it would be with the main male character, and if his interpreter would be recast. “ All I can say is that there is no way to replace someone who is gone – no never try to repeat something magical like that. You're just looking for something different , ”the actress told People.

Dirty Dancing

Regarding the enduring popularity of Dirty Dancing , Jennifer Gray has a perfect explanation: according to her, “ her appeal was that it was very genuine and straightforward. It was all about innocence and how innocence gets lost and people explode in a different iteration of 'themselves“. A beautiful statement, which should reassure fans of this cult romantic comedy. In the sequel, it will not be a question of repeating the love story between the teacher and his student, but of telling another. The actress is aware of the value of this story, and will not try to reproduce it identically. As for Lionsgate boss Jon Feltheimer, he added that Dirty Dancing 2, officially confirmed in August , will be “ exactly the kind of romantic movie and nostalgic that franchise fans have been waiting for , and which made it the best-selling library title in company history “. We look forward ! And to wait until then with another love affair, 4282083 the release date of After Chapter 2 on Amazon Prime has finally been revealed .

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