Disney +: Titanic, Alien, Le Diable wears Prada … All these cult films to (re) see on Star


It is never too late to see (or re-watch) the films that have marked the cinema.

With its new section called Star, the Disney + platform has decided to play the cult card, and not just half. We spoke to you not long ago, of the series which marked, and still marks, the small screen as Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Alias ​​, LOST , Grey’s Anatomy or Prison Break are now available on Star . The catalog should also continue to grow, with new titles and seasons added in March. The cinema is not, however, set aside. In addition to series, there are also many cult films that have joined Disney +. To help you choose, we have prepared for you a selection to discover just below.


The Titanic Trailer – Credit (s): Fox

Difficult to worship more than Titanic . James Cameron’s film not only propelled Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to the rank of stars, but it is still today one of the biggest successes in cinema .

The devil wears Prada

The band- advertisement of the film The Devil Wears Prada – Credit (s): th Century Fox France

If there is one cult movie not to be missed on Star, it is The devil wears Prada. Between a gripping plot, a satire on the world of journalism and that of fashion, and an excellent cast, this comedy is savored without guilt .

The Alien Saga

Extract from the movie Alien – Credit (s) : th Century Fox

Alien is THE science fiction saga cult , and it’s fully available on Star. If you haven’t had the chance to experience it yet, now is the right time. Although not all opuses are equal in terms of quality, we must admit that it was already well ahead of its time, and has hardly aged.

Speed ​​

The Speed ​​Trailer – Credit (s): th Century Fox

The Young Officer Police Officer Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) finds himself in the face of an unprecedented hostage situation. Blackmailer threatens to blow up a bus if one of the passengers gets off or if the vehicle’s speed exceeds or stays below km / h. It is then that a real race against the clock starts for Jack who is desperate to reverse the situation, leave it to him also take a seat on the bus.

Red Mill

Extract from Moulin Rouge – Credit (s): 20 th Century Fox

When it comes to musicals, it’s hard not to think of Moulin Rouge , its unforgettable soundtrack, and of course the duo formed by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. They embody Christian and Satine, two lovers that everything separates and whose love story is doomed to a tragic fate .

Pretty Woman

The band – Pretty Woman ad – Credit (s): Touchstone pictures

Pretty Woman is the explosive meeting of two universes. On one side there is Edward (Richard Gere), the charming businessman, but who is terribly bored, and on the other Vivian, a full prostitute of spirit. As the days go by, the two get to know each other and Edward does not take long to fall under the spell of Vivian who then makes him see life from a new angle.

Volte / Face

Extract from Volte / Face – Credit (s) : TCM, Gaumont Buena Vista International

In order to ‘prevent another attack, FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) underwent surgery to take the face of Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) , a dangerous criminal in a coma. Everything goes wrong when the latter ends up waking up and in turn takes the identity of Sean.

(749809) days together

The trailer for (100) days together – Credit (s): Fox Searchlight

(500) days together , it’s a bit of a romantic comedy ultimate. It tells the passionate and tumultuous love story of Tom and Summer. From its first chapter to the last, the film retraces the different stages of their relationship, their joys, their sorrows, and their moments of doubt.

Black Swan

The Black Swan Trailer – Credit (s): Fox Searchlight

Bewitching, captivating, and worn by Natalie Portman, Black Swan follows the life of Nina, a young ballet dancer obsessed with success. Everything changes when the latter finally has the chance to get the main role of the ballet Le Lac des Cygnes . Lost between her paranoia and reality, Nina will soon sink.

Jennifer’s body

Jennifer’s Body Trailer – Credit (s): 20 th Century Fox

It’s hard for boys to resist the charm of the beautiful and mysterious Jennifer (Megan Fox), except that the latter doesn’t really want to play with them. Possessed by an evil force, she prefers to kill them instead. If you love horror and comedies, you will be served!

The Die Hard saga

The Die Hard 3 Trailer – Credit (s): Fox

Whether at Christmas or at n ” any other time of the year, there is always a good reason to (re) discover the saga Die Hard . If you haven’t tasted it yet and you’re a fan of action, you should be won over.

Independence Day

The band – Independence Day announcement – Credit (s): 20 th Century Fox

In Independence Day , the aliens land a beautiful day and decide to invade the largest cities in the world in a rather muscular way, including New York. It was without counting on the courage and intelligence of Captain Steven Hiller, played by Will Smith.