Doctor Strange: This actor bitterly regrets accepting a role in the film for some amazing reason


If he had known, this actor would never have accepted his role of antagonist in Doctor Strange!

When you are an actor, there is the role of a whole life that one covets and which sometimes allows to obtain a statuette and one that one bitterly regrets having accepted. This is the case of Scott Adkins, the actor who played Lucian opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in the first part of Doctor Strange . Indeed, if the Scott Derrickson film released in 2016, received the Oscar for best visual effects the following year in addition to being well received by fans of the Marvel , however, it did not make everyone happy. And for good reason, according to Scott Adkins who is also a martial artist and stuntman, the opus would have ruined his career within the franchise, unlike Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer) officially back in Doctor Strange 2 .

Scott Adkins in Doctor Strange – Credit (s): Marvel

It was during an interview given to the site The Illuminerdi that Scott Adkins made these surprising statements. “It's a role that I regret having accepted” he confided before giving the reason for his disappointment: “I would have liked to hold on and not take on this role, because now I feel like I wasted my chance to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . J 'wish Ryan Reynolds called me for Deadpool 2 “. However, if the latter died at the end of Doctor Strange , that will not prevent the franchise from calling on him again. And for good reason, bringing an actor back into the shared universe to play a protagonist totally different from the previous one has already happened in the past. The proof with Michelle Yeoh who made an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and which now holds a leading role in Shang-Chi . Without forgetting the example of Gemma Chan in the casting from the movie The Eternals after playing in Captain Marvel .

Doctor Strange

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