Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Will the series bring a true end to Captain America's arc?


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series could end what Avengers Endgame started, or come full circle for Captain America.

Scope by the shock duo formed by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, the Disney + series Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be the opportunity to find the worthy successor of Captain America . Indeed, although Steve Rogers gave his shield to Sam, the latter has not yet accepted these new responsibilities. This will be a good opportunity to take a closer look at the memory and legacy left by Captain America, and especially what it really means to wield your shield and colors. Even being absent, Steve Rogers could therefore have a role to play in the plot, and perhaps even see his narrative arc come full circle.

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At the end of Avengers Endgame , Steve Rogers does the choice to return to the past not only to put the Infinity Stones back in their place, but also to finally live the life he has always dreamed of. He then comes back older and ready to pass the torch. An end that we could expect, but which still leaves some questions unanswered. Is Steve officially retired? Are his days numbered? Will he definitely walk away from the Avengers or will he help them again? The answers to all these questions could be provided by Falcon and the Winter Soldier , since the action takes place after Avengers Endgame . However, although recent rumors attest to the contrary, Chris Evans would have said goodbye to his fetish role which means Steve shouldn’t have too much of a role in the series, or even the rest of the MCU.

Sam and Steve in Captain America: The Soldier Winter – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

So could it be the end of the end for the former leader of the Avengers? Unless the studios have decided that the conclusion given to him Avengers Endgame is sufficient, the adventures of Bucky and Sam could serve to give the character a sharper ending, and to know exactly where it is between now and the final episodes of the first season. Whether this conclusion will be as final as Iron Man’s remains to be seen. In fact, a scene in the last trailer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier appears to show Sam at Captain America’s funeral . Considering Steve Rogers’ age at the end of Avengers Engame , he could indeed die of old age.


The first trailer for Falcon and the Soldier Winter – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

However, death is not the only possible climax for a character. So the war hero could instead officially step aside and bid the audience farewell before disappear from radars. Just as Marvel Studios might have decided to keep him aside, to make him a mentor and guide to the future Avengers, so that he can be reused if the opportunity arises. What nevertheless seems certain is that despite his physical absence he will remain present in the plot of Falcon and the Winter Soldier , that it is because of his past actions, the ideals he conveyed, or quite simply for having been the first Captain America.

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