Fast and Furious 11: Death of Dom, sacrifice, retirement … What is the best ending for the saga?


Should Dom die or have a bright future alongside Letty and Brian? What would be the perfect ending for Fast and Furious 10? Several scenarios are possible.

To conclude a saga over 19 years, Fast and Furious 11 should bring all of these characters back in the last movie . Fans of the franchise and more particularly of Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel), the mentor of the Fast saga, inevitably wonder how the last part will end. Will the writers mark the occasion with the death of one or more main characters or will they allow the heroes to Fast and Furious to conclude their story arcs with a happy ending? This is necessarily the big question that the spectators ask themselves, divided at the idea of ​​imagining the main protagonist die. And yet, as explained Screen Rant , maybe it's this end at the Avengers Endgame which would be the best.

Fast and Furious – Credit (s): Universal Pictures International France
Dom Toretto played with death throughout the Fast Saga but always managed to make it out alive.
Maybe this time he will perform a final heroic act at the sacrifice of his life . What more to do after a possible trip in space? The only highlight yet to be written would be Dom's death. After all, the character actually felt alive when he started repairing and driving cars. If he dies “of his passion”, it is a sadly beautiful ending. Fast and Furious 10 could also end with time travel , a plot that we are used to seeing in the Marvel or DCEU movies. With this story, we could still hope for a happy ending for Dom: the latter could sacrifice himself but ultimately go back in time one way or another to spend happy days alongside his family. Whichever direction the writers choose to go, Vin Diesel promised during a Facebook live that he would never let fans down. Is this a roundabout way of saying that he will never die? Fans still have many years to speculate on the end of the Fast Saga, with the ninth installment expected in 2021. Either way, we can expect an epic conclusion!