Fast and Furious 9: Does the film with Vin Diesel really have to resurrect Han?


The return of Han questions many fans. However, is this scriptwriting choice in Fast and Furious 9 wise on the part of the production?

Han's Return surprised everyone during the broadcast of the first unveiled trailer for Fast and Furious 9 , almost a year ago. If we still do not know how the character played by Sung Kang will be back in the sequel, theories are multiplying about him. Would he be a clone? Was he turned into a superpowered soldier by Eteon? Or did he just fake his death after Tokyo Drift ? So many questions we can't wait to get answers, while we still wonder if it is wise for the franchise carried by Vin Diesel to resuscitate Han?

Han in Tokyo Drift. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures To see also : Constantine 2: The sequel with Keanu Reeves at the origin of Justice League Dark?

If the Fast and Furious saga has based its success on entertainment and surprise, it is clear that Han's comeback would represent a novel element of the script. Moreover, this would make it possible to make the link with Tokyo Drift and to include the film of Justin Lin among The most important of the franchise. Beside that, the return of Han would allow his interpreter to become a leading figure of the franchise in the next episodes announced by Universal Pictures, Sung Kang who originally served as a secondary comedian. If we do not yet know what role he will have in Fast and Furious 9 , it would not be surprising that Justin Lin indeed offers him a place of choice, the director having moreover explained his desire to do justice to the character.

Sung Kang in Han's shoes. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

However, bringing a missing character back to life could also be detrimental to the storyline, with the creative teams likely not providing an explanation quite plausible about Han's return. Indeed, fans have repeatedly expressed their pessimism as to the reasons that could explain his famous comeback. If it is very likely that the presence of the pilot and ally of Dom Toretto is based on a scriptwriting spring similar to Hobbs and Shaw with the character of Idris Elba , however, we must not forget that the Fast and Furious saga has accustomed us to this kind of reversal of the situation, this ultimately making the charm of the franchise. Although this choice is questionable in creative terms, it is a safe bet in any case that the teams will create a surprise soon, the resurrection of Han can even go beyond the craziest theories!

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