Fast and Furious 9: Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) faces off against brother (John Cena) in new image unveiled


An exclusive image of Fast and Furious 9 has been revealed teasing Dom's complicated relationship with his brother Jakob.

Almost a year ago, fans of the saga Fast and Furious discovered the trailer for the ninth installment . The opportunity to find Vin Diesel in the skin of Dom Toretto alongside the Fast Family but also to know the identity of their future opponent. If Cipher (Charlize Theron) will obviously be back, she will team up with a new ally, namely Jakob Toretto, Dom's brother. Incarnated by the former wrestler John Cena , the character will do so his debut in the saga Fast and Furious although we do not yet know the reasons for such animosity towards his brother. If it will be necessary to wait for 18 may 2021 to see the Toretto siblings tear themselves apart, fans will luckily be able to count on a new exclusive image in order to wait and on which we can see Dom next to Jakob, the latter giving the first an icy look.

Dom and Jakob Toretto in Fast and Furious 9. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

Relay by Total Film , this photo also shows Dom surrounded by men armed to the teeth. If they are most certainly the henchmen of

Cipher or Eteon with whom the latter could also collaborate in Fast and Furious 9 , the character of Vin Diesel seems in any case trapped. Anyway, this image will in any case have something to strengthen the teasing around the plot and the theme of the family in the film , Justin Lin having also explained in a file devoted to his feature film that one of the reasons for his return to directing was the exploration of Dom's past and his relationship with Jakob.

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