Fear The Walking Dead season 6: could Rick come back alongside Morgan one last time?


Does Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 have a surprise appearance?

Shortly after we wondered if this scene from season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead with Morgan teases the return of Madison , this time it is the return of another character that we will talk about : that of Rick Grimes. As we know, the series of the franchise – The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond – are more and more connected , which makes the passage of characters from one to another all the easier. It also means that Rick Grimes, who is only expected to reappear in the movies, could take a little detour to one of the series.

Morgan and Rick together – Credit (s): amc This may interest you : Marvel Studios: Could Captain America Have Got Captain Marvel's Powers?

During a question-and-answer session on Reddit with the fans, actor Lennie James – who plays Morgan Jones – in any case explained that he would very much like Morgan and Rick to reunite one last time. “I completely agree that the Rick and Morgan story didn't really end, especially if that means I'm going to be reunited with my mate Andy ( Andrew Lincoln) “. As a reminder, Morgan left the main series at the end of Season 8 , so he doesn't know what happened to Rick afterward. the war against Negan and the Saviors – all the more reason for the 2 men to find each other.

Morgan will- does he find Rick? – Credit (s): amc

Since Rick's story is linked to that of CRM, which itself has made appearances in Fear The Walking Dead via the character of Isabelle then via the recently released episode focused on Althea and Dwight, the presence of Rick in the spin-off is far from improbable. Rick, who has absolute confidence in Morgan, for example could ask him to send a message to Daryl , Carol and the other inhabitants of 'Alexandria without endangering them because of the CRM. While waiting to know if the old friends could one day meet again, the video promo of episode 6 of season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead is already available right here.

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