Friends: All those times we got proof that Ross was the favorite kid of the Geller family


While Geller parents shouldn’t differentiate between their two children, Jack and Judy clearly show a preference for Ross!

If Monica is considered the main character of Friends , she is not treated the best by her family and friends, however! On the contrary, Jack and Judy Geller have repeatedly proven their preference for their second child, Ross. You only have to look at how they behave with the siblings to understand how much Ross will always be their little protégé in their eyes. The proof, seeing that Monica could not find a companion, they decided to use the savings reserved for his marriage to improve their heritage . As if that wasn’t enough, they also never supported him in his vocation, while Ross was always the perfect child in their eyes, even though he was far less resourceful than his sister.

Ross – Credit (s): nbc

Likewise, when Ross is wrong about his girlfriend and realizes that she is actually a lesbian, it’s Monica again ( Courteney Cox ) who is held responsible. Their mother accuses him of having been informed and of not having said anything, all that to blame someone in order to swallow the pill better. If Monica had held a grudge, she could also have boycotted her parents when they used all of her childhood memories to mop up a water leak in the garage of the house. Result, she lost everything she had kept during her high school years!

Fortunately Monica found love with Chandler, even if we had to wait until the end of the series for the two lovebirds to reunite. In the meantime,

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