Friends: executive producer reveals big secret about Ross and Rachel's relationship



Friends executive producer reveals an important detail about the tumultuous relationship between Ross and Rachel, the flagship couple of the series.

If it is difficult to judge which season of Friends is the best, it's easy to say that Ross and Rachel's relationship was the most unstable on the show. While they started their romance as lovers, they then parted after having a child, then reunited again at the end of Friends . What you need to know is that initially, the couple should not know so much torment! Indeed, as show executive producer Kevin S. Bright reveals at Metro , Ross and Rachel had to have the perfect love from start to finish until Friends .

Ross and Rachel – Credit (s): NBC

“I would say that at start, when the relation [Ross et Rachel] was planned, it was not planned from this f So it came a little later. It allowed us to have fun with the show and give people something to look forward to [une réconciliation]. We were well aware that the audience wanted to see them together, but a lot of things separated them. We realized the enthusiasm of the fans when we brought them together for the first time “, explains The series Friends fell straight into the tumultuous romance plot trap to grab the attention of viewers?

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