Friends: Fans have voted, this is the crappy episode of the whole series



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From 236 popular episodes of the Friends series, this one did never made a recipe!

After revealing to you that Monica was the only real main character of Friends , make way for another ranking just as interesting! Indeed, fans of the most famous American sitcom of all time have come together to elect the worst episode. Although the series recounting the incredible adventures of the merry band of friends offered 100 episodes all equally entertaining from each other, some however did not manage to achieve this goal. And among those concerned, we find at the top of the podium the episode 21 from season 4 entitled “ The one who sends the invitation “ .

Ross in the episode The One Who Sends the Friends Invitation – Credit (s): NBC

Indeed, according to the site IMDb , it is this episode that received the lowest score. A score that still peaks at 7.3 out of 09 , which proves that the general level of the series is p early high . The reason for such a failure? Fans most certainly did not appreciate the increased presence of numerous flashbacks spread throughout the episode. And for good reason, while Rachel and Ross reflect on their past relationship, they remember the moment when Ross and Emily sent their wedding invitations. A redundant plot based only on scenes already seen and which has therefore not won the hearts of fans! Also discover what detail yet very popular the actress Jennifer Aniston hated in Rachel's on the show Friends .

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