Friends: First vs Last season, which was better?


The first season of Friends introduced us to Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and the others, while the last one concluded their story. However, which one is the best?

If the series Friends presented us 6 incredible characters, they were originally supposed to be 7 in the gang! Now that we've gotten used to seeing them like this, it's hard to imagine that another protagonist could be on the team. Over the ten seasons, we have been able to follow the setbacks and happy events of Ross, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica ( Courteney Cox ). We certainly wouldn't have guessed from the first season that fans would get so attached to these. It is very difficult to say today which season of Friends is the most significant in our eyes between the first and the last. However, we will try to decide between them!

Friends – Credit (s): Warner Bros / NBC

Difficult to compare a series between its beginnings and its end. The first season of Friends introduced us to the characters, their problems and their goals. The conclusion showed that the latter had evolved well in their life and that 4296684 everything they dreamed of in the first season of Friends came to fruition at the end . For example, we could see that Monica and Chandler became more mature and that they had finally found love. Almost every roommate had a happy ending except for Joey, who struggled more. Nevertheless, he can boast of having been accompanied by his agent throughout his story, while he had met him in the first episodes of the series. Season 1 inevitably brings back happy memories, because it is at this precise moment that we saw the band form, bond, discover each other. And when you see where they are today, it inevitably evokes nostalgia! If it is therefore difficult to determine which season is the best, our choice would perhaps fall on the first, because if it had not been so striking, it would not there would never have been such a long sequel.