Friends: Rachel and Phoebe have an incredible friendship, look back at the best moments of their history


If all the members of Friends are bonded with each other, there is something special about Rachel and Phoebe's friendship, here's why.

If the series Friends reminds us of how Chandler Bing went through sad things in his life , it gives us a good time of entertainment most of the time! Love, work, leisure, but also friendship … Friends appeals as much to spectators because it offers a faithful representation of everything that everyone can live. And if there's one thing we all dream of in front of our screens, it's to have a friendship as strong and as healthy as that of Phoebe and Rachel . All of Friends are close, but these two share something special and it's great to see. Take a look back at the cutest moments of their friendship!

Faced with Monica, Phoebe would have chosen Rachel as girlfriend

Friends – Credit (s): Friends

This moment in Friends leads us to ask ourselves a big question: can a trio of friends really work? In most cases, two of the limbs come closer together, creating a feeling of rejection in the third person . It's kind of what happened in Monica's head when Phoebe had fun pointing to Rachel when she had to choose between one of her two girlfriends to become her sweetheart. Spontaneously, Rachel's name came out, because Rachel ( Jennifer Aniston ) and they are so close that it becomes obvious. It's beautiful for them and sad for Monica!

They decided to get tattooed at the same time

You may not remember it, but at the very beginning in Friends , Rachel and Phoebe have decided to share a common memory: getting a tattoo together. In the life of a teenage girl, this is a moment that we regularly never forget – we will always know who we did it with and in what context. Well again, Rachel and Phoebe decided to do it together, even though the tattoo in question didn't really come off. It was fun to see Rachel reassure her friend and share this great experience together!

They bonded during their pregnancies

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Their choice to live together, their little jogging, their plan against Monica and Chandler … hours to recap the good times between Rachel and Phoebe in Friends , but this one is quite enigmatic. Rachel and Phoebe got pregnant at the same time, and they were able to support each other in the best possible way. While we know that hormones are playing on women during this period, Phoebe was the friend that everyone dreams of by giving him boxes of clothes, a photo of a sexy guy and lots of other little touches. 4288010 Rachel found more than a friend but a sister in Phoebe, and that's a blessing after everything she's been through on Friends.