Friends: Ross was originally supposed to have a child with another character


One of Ross’s girlfriends was originally supposed to get pregnant in season 6 of Friends. Would the character have been the father of another child? Find out all the details about this abandoned plot.

Friends ended several years ago, but its popularity remains unchanged! That’s why we love to discover which stories the creators of the series Marta Kauffman and David Crane gave up along the way, like this sequence in which the heroes of Friends were to board a plane that allegedly crashed on a desert island . There have been plenty of abandoned plots like this. Recently, Comic Book Resources revealed that the writers were planning to portray the pregnancy of Elizabeth, one of Ross’s girlfriends. The latter was to announce to Ross that she was expecting a child from him at the end of season 6.

Ross and Elizabeth

Suspense obliges, Ross would have been in all his states to learn that his still student girlfriend was carrying his child. Finally, after getting used to the idea that he was going to become a father, he would have discovered in season 7 of Friends that Elizabeth was actually pregnant with another man. Ultimately, this whole story was abandoned by the writers for a specific reason: the cliffhanger of the season 7 was going to revolve around Rachel’s pregnancy! Marta Kauffman and David Cran therefore deleted the storyline centered on Elizabeth and Ross’ baby to be able to make room for that of Rachel and the latter. Obviously, these two scenarios were too similar. Ultimately Elizabeth may not have had all the light she deserved, but

it gave Ross and Rachel a happy ending in Friends !

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