Friends: Those Deeply Sad Things About Joey Tribbiani


Joey may be Friends' hunky hunk, but he's very lonely. He's the only one in the bunch who hasn't found his soulmate, and those aren't the only sad things about him.

Rachel, Ross and the other members of Friends are known for their legendary good humor, but that doesn't mean they have a smooth and hassle-free life. This is the case with Monica for example, some terribly sad things happened to her during her career in Friends . All of them obviously have their problems, but the one that really hurts us the most is Joey. And for good reason, even if the Don Juan of the group is used to short-lived relationships, he feels very lonely. He is the only member of Friends not to have found his soul mate, and it is obviously not the only painful memory he has to face.

Joey comes from a dysfunctional family

If Joey managed to find comfort with his

Friends , he is not from a very stable family. With 7 sisters (Gina, Tina, Dina, Mary-Angela, Mary-Theresa, Veronica and Cookie) all as special as the others, he could not be be inspired by a healthy and “classic” family example. Her father cheats on her mother, one of her sisters is in prison, the other became pregnant as a teenager , the other claims to have killed her husband and to have celebrated the news with a glass of vodka … He can therefore only count on himself, and it must be admitted, it's a bit sad.

Joey is a bad actor but doesn't realize it

Joey has a dream : that of becoming an actor. The problem is, some people may go to all the theater schools they can, but they never will. Read also : The Walking Dead season 10: Michonne, Carol, Siddiq, Beta … They all have a pretty boring common point. And for good reason, the profession of actor is a bit innate, you have to have it in your blood! The problem is, Joey is definitely a bad actor. His friends know it, the public too, his manager pays it the price, but Joey does not realize his lack of talent, and it's just sad to see … At least, his interpreter Matt LeBlanc can boast of having it in his skin!

Joey is not very smart and is unaware of it

Joey – Credit (s): Warner Bros / NBC

Just like being a bad actor, Joey is unaware of his lateness! Sometimes he thinks he has illuminations and reveals to his friends “the idea of ​​the century”, except that it is neither new nor interesting. Likewise, when someone makes a joke, they are the last to understand it … Like Phoebe, Joey never went to college and he admits her favorite activities in high school were dating and partying! No wonder then … Joey could very well have studied as an adult to fill in his gaps, but he is unaware that he is a little behind the others. After all, that's what makes it so charming!

Cannot create real connections

Joey and Rachel – Credit (s): Giphy See the article : Netflix: Ryan Reynolds shares first image of The Adam Project.

Finally, and this is certainly the saddest point about Joey: he can't seem to make real connections with a girl. Used to short-lived relationships, he is himself considered a piece of meat by some women as his physique is flattering. The problem is, he sees all of his friends moving forward in life, whether in their careers or their romantic relationships, and he stays at a standstill. When he finally admits to feeling something strong for Rachel, he takes a wind, even if he knew in advance that it was an impossible love. We can imagine that since then, Joey has managed to find a little more stability in his life, at least that's what we wish him! Hope he also paid his debt to Chandler, his friend racked up the advances in Friends.

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