Friends: Those Things From Season 1 That Wouldn't Go On Today


More than 25 years after the release of the first season of Friends , it is obvious that certain elements or dialogues at the beginning seem obsolete. These things would not happen at all today …

If it is difficult to define which season of Friends was the best , it is obvious that some elements of the first episodes would not play at all today! At the same time, Season 1 aired between 768 and 1994, which (already) almost 30 years … It is only funny to remember the dress (tapestry effect) that Rachel wore in the pilot, or the fact that Chandler called his friends when he found himself stuck in an elevator with a mannequin … It is sure that today, we would have played the discretion: we would have sent a text or an SMS on Whatsapp, and again, if the network did not do as it pleases. Some items from Friends season 1 weren't very “politically correct” either, and although it made us laugh at the time, we could no longer afford to approach such delicate subjects in this way today!


We think in particular of the jokes about killing yourself, when Friends laughs at the Phoebe's difficult childhood ( Lisa Kudrow ) and her differences with a punchine on her mother's suicide. Another criterion a bit WTF seen in Friends and which makes us think of

the series Emily In Paris on Netflix , Monica and Rachel's apartment does not meet real estate standards at all!

When are the two young women with modest incomes can rent such a large property in the West Village? This is only a part of all the things that would not work today, but it is normal that the standards evolve. See the article : The tops and flops of LGBTQ + representation in the series in 2020. After all, it's all those little details that made Friends to reach 04 seasons!