Game of Thrones: 3 things about Jon Snow you absolutely should know


It's never too late to learn the secrets of Game of Thrones …

While we recently revealed to you 3 big secrets on Game of Thrones that you did not know , we now move on to a subject a little less vast by focusing on a single character: Jon Snow. Played by Kit Harrington, Jon is one of the heroes of the series and one of the few who survived until the very last episode of season 8, but do we really know him? The series did not say everything about him, and it is mainly thanks to the books of George RR Martin that we know that, of all the Stark, he's supposed to be the one that most closely resembles Ned. In the books, all the legitimate children except Arya look a lot like Catelyn , but Jon has a certain resemblance to his uncle / “father” which annoys Catelyn a lot.

Jon Snow – Credit (s): HBO See the article : Cherry: Tom Holland called junkie, thief and thief on these new posters.

The second thing to know is that in the books Jon dies – and still has not been resurrected – to save his little sister Arya. Yes, in the original story Ramsay Bolton says he married Arya Stark and it is to help him that Jon wants to leave the Night's Watch, which his brothers will not let him do. Finally if we are still based on the books, Jon should have been a warg and be linked to his wolf, Ghost, just like all the other Stark children. Even though the series only explored this power through Bran, it's actually a gift that seems to be shared by several characters, including Jon, and one that could even play a big part in his future resurrection … want to learn more about him, that's it 3 times where Jon Snow was in serious danger of death in Game of Thrones.