Game of Thrones: 3 things you absolutely need to know about Tyrion Lannister


If his character is one of the most important in Game of Thrones, there is still a lot that you did not know about Tyrion Lannister!

Even years after its release, Game of Thrones will never cease to amaze us! It is for example more than one after the release of season 8 that we learned about the surprising thing done by Jason Momoa to play Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones . Now it's time for Tyrion Lannister, one of the most beloved characters in the heroic fantasy series, to go through the mystery detector! And what you have to admit is that those who have read the books of George R.R. Martin must know things that you don't know. Fortunately, Melty is here to reset the counters and reveal to you the main secrets of the big (despite his small size) Tyrion!

Tyrion could be a Targaryen

Tyrion and Daenerys – Credit (s): hbo Read also : Titanic: Did Rose really only wear the necklace once?

After Jon Snow, there could be another Targaryen still unknown to the great kingdom of GOT . In the books it is explained that Aerys Targaryen was madly in love with Joanna Lannister, Tywin's wife . While the latter had made a very daring remark to Joanna during her marriage to Tywin, she gave birth to Tyrion exactly a year later. Did he just want to seduce her or did they take action? In the books, the author describes Tyrion as a blond “with hair so blonde that it draws white”, like the Targaryens in reality. He also has one green eye and one black eye, which would mean he is not of the pure Lannister lineage. He is also described as a naughty, unattractive being, with dark black locks stuck in his blonde hair. That's not all, Tyrion is also passionate about dragons and flames. If we are to believe all these clues, he could therefore be Daenerys' half-brother ( Emilia Clarke )! Too bad the Mad King died so young in Game of Thrones , if he had survived, we might have had formal answers.

Tyrion really wanted to marry Sansa

Sansa and Tyrion – Credit (s): hbo

If Tyrion was pretending not to be interested in Sansa at the time he was introduced, he really wanted to marry her. It was also noticed when Tywin suggested marrying Sansa to another Lannister and giving Tyrion a less attractive wife, that's when he chose Sansa. Besides, the fact of seeing that she is so young and that she finds him so repulsive makes him deeply sad . Tyrion would have liked to live a happy marriage, the one with whom we share our life with a person whom we love and who loves us! But it is well known, this is not how you choose your half in Game of Thrones . Business is business, for love, we'll come back!

His first wife was not a prostitute

Really, the Lannister family loves lies! In the first season, Tyrion told Bronn and Shae how he met Tysha, a woman he saved from rape and then married. See the article : The Bridgertons Chronicle: 8 Filming Secrets That Make Shonda Rhimes' Series Even Crunchier. He later learned that he had been told that Tysha was a prostitute paid by Jaime Lannister to marry him. But finally, in the books, when Jaime freed his brother to save his life after his Second Judicial Duel, he revealed to him that Tysha was not a prostitute unlike Tywin had forced him to say. She was a woman really in love with him … Ah, poor Tyrion, luckily he got away with it all the same. all of this !

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