Game of Thrones compared to another cult series by fans for a very surprising reason


Finally Game of Thrones is not so different …

While we recently offered you a theory on season 8 of Game of Thrones according to which Bran the Maleficent would have manipulated Drogon to eliminate Daenerys , it is of a completely different subject that we will speak to you today. Some fans who not only watched Game of Thrones but who also know another excellent series have made an unprecedented comparison – but not so strange as that – between the 2 series. So it is Game of Thrones and … Soprano. Yes, the cult series available on OCS a , according to some, similarities in its structure with Game of Thrones and its characters …

The Sopranos – Credit (s): hbo On the same subject : Harry Potter: These eccentric characters make us see all the colors, that's why we love them.

The medieval system of families allied with the great Houses of Westeros and ready by their side in the event of war is indeed not so different from the various Mafia families and the men they protect as long as they work effectively for them. In this diagram, the families of the Sopranos would therefore be like the Houses of Game Of Thrones and Italy, or the origin of the Mafia, would be like Essos. The “consiglieri” would be the Hand of the King and the White Walkers of Game of Thrones could be assimilated to the FBI. Also according to these fans, the War of the 5 Kings of Westeros would be like the clash that takes place between the families of New York and New Jersey to become the boss in The Sopranos . And they even go so far as to compare Tommen Baratheon to Anthony Jr. by placing them both in the “incompetent sons” box. A comparison that comes out of nowhere but which, when we have seen the 2 series, can possibly be understood. While waiting to know the other comparisons will be made, find out

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