Game of Thrones season 8: all those star cameos you might have missed


Tyrion, Daenerys and the others weren’t the only stars of Game of Thrones.

If we offered you to recently test your knowledge of the guest stars of ultra-famous series in this quiz , it is not by chance, it is because it is a process very common in the series. A face known in a very secondary role or even in a cameo allows to make a little buzz without upsetting all the intrigues, not to mention the simple pleasure granted to appreciated artists. And Game of Thrones is no stranger to it since in addition to the famous appearance of Ed Sheeran, many other stars have appeared over of the 8 seasons, sometimes so well disguised that they went almost unnoticed.

Ed Sheeran in GoT – Credit (s): hbo Read also : Marvel Studios: MCU accused of recycling its actors for Phase 4?

Rob McElhenney and Martin Starr, respectively actor / creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and star of Freaks and Geeks , thus appear in the first episode of season 8. The music group Of Monsters and Men appears twice, first in season 4 during the Purple Wedding , then in season 6, and Sigur Rós

is also present during the Purple Wedding. British actor Roy Dotrice, who lends his voice to Game of Thrones audiobooks, should have had a big role since he had been cast to play Maester Pycelle, however he ended up playing in season 2 as Hallyne.

Sigur Ros in Game of Thrones – Credit (s): hbo

Again on the music side, the drummer of Coldplay

Will Champion played a musician during the Purple Wedding while Gary Lightbody, singer songwriter of Snow Patrol

becomes a man in the Bolton army in season 3. Finally the great-grandson of JRR Tolkien , to whom we owe in particular the saga of Lord of the Rings

, played a Wildling during the Battle of Hardhome in Season 5 although, given everything that’s going on there, it’s hardly recognizable. Little winks that please the most attentive fans, who may have also noticed 4363849 this big defect of the series compared to the books .

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