Game of Thrones season 8: could Daenerys actually be manipulated by Lady Olenna Tyrell?


While Daenerys certainly would have gone wrong without anyone's help, Lady Olenna Tyrell's words prompted the Mother of Dragons to do the irreparable.

If Daenerys gradually turned into Mad Queen in Game of Thrones , she is not solely responsible for her acts. Although Dany is a strong and powerful woman, she has already been shown to be vulnerable and naive during her adventure. It happened in particular when he met Lady Olenna, the matriarch of the Tyrell family. The latter is one of the best strategists of Game of Thrones and she proved it once again during this discussion with Daenerys. While she wanted to serve her own interests, she managed to understand Dany's doubts and distress to encourage him to commit the irreparable.


Lady Olenna Tyrell waited to be alone with her to say the following words to him: “Peace never lasts … Are you a sheep? No, you You are a dragon. Be a dragon “. If this sentence may seem trivial at first, and only lead us to believe that Lady Tyrell wanted to encourage Daenerys to assert herself as a woman, it also made her realize that she was better than Tyrion and better than anyone. . By telling her that she was a “dragon”, she wanted Dany to express the fierce side and aggressive slumbering inside her . This way of acting is Lady Olenna Tyrell spitting out. She uses the weaknesses and desires of others to her advantage, without being suspected of being manipulative. In a way, then, she influenced Daenerys to wreak havoc, even though she would have done quite a bit of damage without anyone's help … The Mother of Dragons' fate was sealed, just like that of Lady Stoneheart in Game Of Thrones !

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