Game of Thrones season 8: this cut scene already predicted the death of Littlefinger


Littlefinger surely should have known that he wouldn't end Game of Thrones alive.

While you were recently offered to come back to the brilliant reference made to Game of Thrones in season 5 of The Expanse , broadcast every week on Amazon Prime Video , we are now interested in the saga of George RR Martin. Months have passed since the last episode of season 8 aired on OCS, but the little surprises don't do not end up emerging on the web and this time it concerns Petyr Baelish, alias Littlefinger

. The King's Landing conspirator got screwed at his own game trying to pit Sansa and Arya Stark against each other. It is very surprised that he heard the elder sentencing him to death, but maybe he should have expected …

In a deleted scene from 'Game of Thrones' S2, Varys hints at Littlefinger's eventual misfortune and why it might have happened

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In a cut scene from the season 2 of Game of Thrones , Varys goes to talk to Littlefinger and brings up a superstition well known to the people of Westeros. Every family that inherits the Harrenhal estate ends up extinct completely in one way or another . And since Littlefinger is the sole representative of House Baelish, it only takes his death for the prophecy to come true. Despite the warning of his best nemesis which you can see above, Littlefinger doesn't worry more than that about believing himself on top of this gossip. Too bad for him since he ends up dying, and with him his name. While waiting to know what info will be the next to be revealed, come and prove that you are super stalled in series

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