Game of Thrones season 8: this is why Arya should never have wanted to kill Cersei


Cersei was at the top of Arya’s list for almost all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones, but why?

As you were being offered there is little to discover a cut scene from Game of Thrones which already predicted the death of Littlefinger , today it is at the death of another character we’re interested: Cersei Lannister. The former queen regent did not survive season 8 – still available on OCS for the more nostalgic – but it is not Arya who l ‘killed, contrary to what one might have thought. Indeed since the beginning of the series, Arya has a list of names of all the people she wants to kill because they have caused harm or directly hurt her family . Cersei is on her list, but looking back, you wonder if she really should be there.

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For example, during Cersei and Robert’s stay in Winterfell, Arya blames the Queen for the death of her friend Mycah. Only it is following the words of Joffrey and Sansa that Cersei takes this decision, which is therefore not directly her fault . Arya also blames Cersei for the death of her father Ned Stark when again it was Joffrey who ordered the execution even going against her mother’s decisions. Moreover, one might think that the fault also falls a little on Ned who was naive enough to confide his suspicions to Cersei. Directly speaking, Cersei doesn’t have much to be ashamed of when it comes to Arya …

Arya in season 8 – Credit (s): hbo

Obviously, far from us the idea that Cersei didn’t deserve to die since she was responsible for the deaths of a lot of characters and had a lot of blood on her hands. It’s just Arya’s little personal vendetta against Cersei which we believe is not so well founded compared to other names that Arya may have had on her list. While Cersei did go after the Stark, she also knew at the start of the series that she had every interest in trying to keep them on her side as long as possible. But like everything in Game of Thrones , everything is a matter of debate and while waiting to know the next one, 4309866 did you spot this awesome reference to Game of Thrones in season 5 of The Expanse?

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