Game of Thrones: This astonishing point in common with the Harry Potter saga that no one has noticed


Everyone has missed this surprising common point between Game of Thrones and Harry Potter!

As amazing as it sounds! Series Game of Thrones shares an astonishing point in common with the cinematographic saga Harry Potter . Indeed, in addition to being two successful adaptations of fantasy novels, the series of all records and the most famous magic franchise in the world are connected by astonishing symbolism. This is the number seven, considered as a lucky charm because it is sacred in many countries and civilizations . Indeed, it is impossible to miss the seven in our lives, this number being present everywhere in our daily life. We can for example cite the seven days of the week, the seven deadly sins or the seven wonders of the world.

Le casting de la série Game of Thrones
The cast of the Game of Thrones series – Credit (s): HBO

Game of Thrones season 8