Game of Thrones: Those Crazy Things From The First Episode You Surely Had Forgotten


Game of Thrones made us spend 8 seasons of pure happiness, but let's not forget these important moments from the first burst of episodes.

After 8 seasons of Game of Thrones , can we imagine that fate Stark was planned from the first burst of episodes? If it is possible that many clues to the conclusion of the series were hidden in season 1, luckily we did not see it all coming. The introduction of the White Walkers, the size index on the death of Eddard Stark, the presentation of the different houses of power … Game of Thrones had so many details that it's impossible to remember everything, that's why we give you a recap of three highlights that occurred in the first season of your series heroic favorite fantasy!

Daenerys was already resisting the heat, this is the first time we had seen it


It's a detail that may seem trivial to some, but this passage sets up Daenerys' narrative arc. While the latter is just a child that we are trying to marry in the first season of GOT , we see her taking a boiling bath. One of the servants exclaims: “It's too hot!” . Except that in reality, if she did not know it yet, the Mother of Dragons has fire flowing in her blood, so she can withstand the worst of heat . From this short streak, one could understand that Daenerys would be a strong and almost invulnerable heroine in the seasons to come.

Jon Arryn knew Jaime and Cersei were having an incestuous relationship

Jon Arryn

In the first season of Game of Thrones , we also see Jaime and Cersei Lannister in front of Jon Arryn's corpse . We then learn that the latter was aware of the little secret that Jaime and Cersei shared and that if he had revealed it during his lifetime , they would have been in great danger of death. Something to set the tone for the rest …

This is where the friendship between Jon Snow and Tyrion begins

Tyrion and Jon Snow

Tyrion's first conversion with Jon Snow is the start of something big, beautiful and strong. Their exchange seems insignificant, when in reality it sets the foundation for one of Game of Thrones fan favorite friendships . While advising Jon Snow, the latter lashes out to Tyrion Lannister asking him why it was legitimate to talk to him like this. It was then that Tyrion replied that “all dwarves were bastards in the eyes of their father.” A magnificent introduction, before knowing the tragic fate of Daenerys in season 8 of Game of Thrones , when we now know why Drogon spared Jon Snow.

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