Godzilla vs. Kong: The central role of Millie Bobby Brown and Eiza González, the goal of Apex with Mechagodzilla … New info unveiled on the film


New information about Godzilla vs. Kong allowed to know more about the cast of the film as well as the arrival of Mechagodzilla.

Several weeks ago, the synopsis of Godzilla vs. Kong revealed himself, revealing several clues about the plot . We discovered in particular the terrible fate that awaits humanity, the final confrontation of these two monsters risking the fall of the latter. A scenario full of tension as Bounding into Comics has just unveiled new information about the film directed by Adam Wingard. The first concerns in particular the casting. Mostly unveiled on IMDB , we learn that Ishiro Serizawa’s son, Ren (Shun Oguri), will occupy a central place , like Maya Simmons played by Eiza González with whom Millie Bobby Brown , already present in Godzilla II – King of the Monsters in the guise of Madison Russell, will share the poster. Moreover, the two young women should have a leading role in the plot, Eiza González having previously confided in an interview the importance of their characters in relation to the plot.


Family ties will also occupy a privileged place in the scenario, the disclosure of the casting having indicated that Demián Bichir will play Walter Simmons, a close friend of Maya while Kyle Chandler will reprise the role of Mark Russell, Madison’s father . For his part, Alexander Skarsgård will lend his features to Nathan Lind, the first details unveiled on his character having indicated that he would take King Kong’s side during the battle. Regarding the monsters, the King of the gorillas and the giant lizard will certainly have to face others iconic creatures of the universe and in particular in Mechagodzilla . As such, the mysterious cybernetic organization, Apex, could be at the origin of its creation. However, speculation goes further and suggests that there may be an outpost under The Skull Island, with Mechagodzilla perhaps not the only creature developed by the company some rumors imagine to be led by the character of Rebecca Hall. . If this should represent an unexpected turn of events, fans across the Atlantic will thankfully have to wait less time than expected to find out, the release of Godzilla vs. Kong having been announced next March by Warner. Hopefully the same goes for French programming!

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