Godzilla vs. Kong: This detail in the trailer proves the villain will be Mechagodzilla


A new hint from the Godzilla vs. Kong could support the theory that Mechagodzilla will be the film’s real antagonist.

As fans eagerly await the release of Godzilla vs. Kong , the theories multiply on the web after the release of his spectacular trailer . It must be said that the Clash of the Titans promises a lot of twists and turns, especially since several speculations would like that the giant lizard that appeared in the trailer is in reality Mechagodzilla. If it will be necessary to wait for the release of the film directed by Adam Wingard to be clear, the aquatic combat scene seen in the first images of the feature film could actually have revealed the true identity of the villain. Indeed, this face to face attracted the attention of Kaiju fans, who wondered in particular why Godzilla had climbed the navy ship like a lizard.

King Kong face to Godzilla. – Credit (s): godzilla vs kong

While the common ideal and the cinematic portrayal of the monster through the ages has tended to equate Godzilla with a giant lizard, the King of the Monsters is actually a dinosaur who survived the extinction of his species in the far reaches of Earth. thanks to its radiation. A distinction that does not appear to be important at first glance, but which could in reality be

a new clue as to who the real antagonist is in Godzilla vs. Kong . Specifically, by choosing to move like a lizard, the robotic version of Godzilla would have betrayed itself. An astonishing detail which could explain the change in behavior of the creature. Besides, if the beast seen in the trailer is actually Mechagodzilla, it remains to be seen where is past the real Godzilla, his disappearance could also be at the heart of the plot …

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