Godzilla vs. Kong: this never-before-seen Monsterverse creature could be the movie's real threat


Godzilla vs. Kong

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According to a new theory, the King of the Monsters and that of the giant gorillas could face a new monster in Godzilla vs. Kong. And no, we’re not talking about Mechagodzilla!

The spectacular trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong was an opportunity for fans to discover the first images of the confrontation between the giant lizard and the King of the gorillas. These two creatures will unleash all their fury in a duel at the top, King Kong attempting to defend humanity against a formidable Godzilla guided by invisible and nefarious forces. However, several theories fomented since the release of the trailer suggest that the King of the Monsters will not be the real one antagonist of the film. Indeed, some clues suggested the presence of Mechagodzilla, the robotic version of the lizard giant but also the arrival in the Monsterverse of an unprecedented beast, namely the Warbat.

A preview of the Warbat. See the article : The tops and flops of LGBTQ + representation in the series in 2020.

Created specifically for the feature film by Adam Wingard , we still don’t know much about this creature. However, this did not prevent the most inventive fans from equating this monster with the real threat of Godzilla vs. Kong . And for good reason, the Warbat is far from being a singular creature, myriads residing in the confines of the planet . While it is not clear whether these monsters function as a cohesive unit, it is still possible that their swarm will invade the planet. Their anatomy similar to a flying snake would also allow them to move easily in order to decimate populations. Here, without the help of King Kong and Godzilla, humanity’s efforts would be in vain. Therefore, it would not be surprising to see these two monsters ally against a common enemy. It remains to be seen whether it will really be the Warbat,

iconic monsters of the universe like the Skullcrawlers or Ghidorah who can also make a comeback in Godzilla vs. Kong .

Credits: Bounding into Comics.

Godzilla vs. Kong

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