Godzilla vs. Kong: This new power of Godzilla soon to be revealed?


Godzilla vs. Kong will be the opportunity to unveil this incredible power of Godzilla!

It is one of the most anticipated films in 2021! We are obviously talking about Godzilla vs. Kong , the next installment of the MonsterVerse scheduled for 15 next May and which was recently revealed in a new synopsis. And for good reason, the film directed by Adam Wingard with Millie Bobby Brown will see the tallest of the Kaijus take on the American monster in a violent and merciless war. A titanic fight that promises to be both unique and epic. And for now, even if the first photos of the opus showed the King of the Gorillas in an unfortunate posture , nothing indicates that it will be the big lizard who will become the King of Monsters. If it is impossible for the moment to know who will take the ascendancy, it is however conceivable to imagine which weapons will be used in the film.

Godzilla and the spinal ray in the Japanese franchise – Credit (s): Warner Bros

If the atomic blast, which is the signature of Godzilla, is the first weapon that comes to mind, it is possible that Godzilla vs. Kong also introduces another much more new power of the Titan. This is the red supercompressed radioactive blast of heat also called the “spinal ray”.

An ability that the iconic Godzilla possessed in the films of the Japanese Toho franchise and which yet never been introduced in the MonsterVerse. Much more powerful than the blue atomic blast, the spinal ray is easily recognizable by its red energy beam which revolves around the radioactive heat blast. A power capable of causing violent damage and damaging King Kong very seriously. This may interest you : The Walking Dead season 10, World Beyond, FTWD … This is the real timeline of The Walking Dead universe. Not to mention that it would be visually very impressive to stage. It remains to be seen how the King of the Titans will manage to acquire it and under what conditions he will find himself forced to activate it.

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