Gossip Girl: Serena and Blair, 3 elements that prove their relationship was toxic


If the friendship between Blair and Serena has punctuated Gossip Girl over the seasons, we must still recognize that their relationship was above all toxic!

The friendship between Blair and Serena has become iconic … Serena and Blair may have had 'one of the strongest relationships in Gossip Girl , but that didn't mean it was perfect. S. and B. were the undisputed protagonists of this cult series focused on the golden youth of the Upper East Side. Their complicated and volatile dynamic has been the source of many of Gossip Girl's most recurring storylines. However, over time fans realized just how toxic their friendship was. While there was clear and considerable love between the two girlfriends, they were also deeply jealous of each other, envying what the other had … This resulted in some unhealthy moments in Gossip Girl !

They used each other's past as a weapon

Une amitié toxique

A Toxic Friendship – Credit (s): The CW

In the end, the two friends could not trust each other, because each time that 'they told each other a secret, anyone could learn it … The betrayal punctuated To see also : Could Spider-Man 3: The Movie also host an alternate version of Doctor Strange?

Gossip Girl ! We still remember the time Blair revealed to representatives of all the major schools in the Ivy League that Serena was a drug addict who had just come out of the Ostroff center … meanwhile, Serena gave Blair's future mother-in-law, Sophie, a book full of Gossip Girl explosions about Blair … A truly toxic friendship!

They fought in public

Limitless ! – Credit (s): cw

The number of times Blair and Serena had harsh words for each other other was almost without counting … Low blows were often there! Serena once pushed Blair into a cake after one of Blair's many slurs, while Blair pushed Serena into a fountain in Paris. They had no limits!

They used the men in their lives to hurt themselves
The men of their life – Credit (s): The CW

Serena had sex with not one, but two of her boyfriends. Blair. She was with Nate for a drunken moment that she truly regretted, but her affair with Dan had been settled out of sheer desire to hurt Blair … , Blair dated Dan as she knew about Serena's feelings towards him … ies, these are things that cannot be done! Will the new generation do the same in the reboot of Gossip Girl? Case to be continued!

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