Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy season 17: After Patrick Dempsey, will other iconic stars return? Kevin McKidd (Owen) teases new surprises


Kevin McKidd (Owen) teases new surprises after the return of Patrick Dempsey in Grey's Anatomy season .

Here is a plot twist that surprised everyone in the season from Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey, aka Derek Shepherd, is well and truly back ! This time, no flashbacks for the series ABC , Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Gray, has reunited with her playmate. And if this comeback doesn't 'is only ephemeral and unfortunately does not announce anything good for the future of the surgeon, the surprise appearance of Patrick Dempsey is the delight of viewers. And the surprises are not over! Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen in Grey's Anatomy , hinted at possible other returns, or at least unexpected revelations, in the sequel to the season 17. He revealed to Entertainment Tonight : “All I can say is you don't haven't seen the end of Derek … What you saw last week that freaked everyone out, it's just tiny, it's the tip the iceberg of what's to come. “

Other returns to be expected alongside by Patrick Dempsey? – Credit (s): abc This may interest you : Manifest season 3: release date, episodes, plot … The first details on the sequel.

Kevin McKidd added: “You should watch. I'm not saying anything. But you know, that's a great premise. This what I love about this is that a lot of people who have had covid report that at night they have these night visions and weird dreams and it's very hard to sleep and they are all lucid dreams. So this opportunity to do what we do with the character of Meredith is really remarkable. But I don't know anything. Well, maybe … “ You will understand, l 'Owen Hunt's interpreter seems to be teasing other surprises. Can we expect to see Mark, Lexie or even Alex land in Meredith's next dreams, alongside Derek? Everything is possible ! In the meantime, 4274706 we wondered if Jackson and Jo were going to be a couple in the Grey's Anatomy sequel season 17.

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