Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy season 17: episode 3 tonight, Meredith reunites with Derek while facing the disease


Episode 3 of Grey's Anatomy season 13 will be broadcast this evening on ABC and it's going to be very complicated for Meredith.

Last week on ABC, Grey's Anatomy made its comeback with a start to the season 17 explosive . Surgeons at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital found themselves faced with the full brunt of the Coronavirus and the global pandemic, in two rather oppressive episodes. Lack of equipment, saturation of beds, stress for doctors, the link with reality was obvious. Unfortunately, Meredith does appear to have been affected by the virus, as after extreme fatigue she was found to be inanimate in the hospital parking lot by Hayes. And that's when she found Derek in her dream, with a totally unexpected and surprising return from Patrick Dempsey!

Derek de retour dans l'épisode 3 de Grey's Anatomy saison 17

Derek back in the Episode 3 of Grey's Anatomy season 13 – Credit (s): abc This may interest you : Game of Thrones season 8: Sansa and Arya could they have been enemies?

In episode 3 of Grey's Anatomy season 13 entitled “My Happy Ending” broadcast tonight on ABC, we will therefore find Doctor Mamou r in Meredith's dreams … But that will not announce any good since in reality, health of the surgeon will be worrying. Examined by her friends at the hospital, Meredith seems to have been affected in turn by the Coronavirus and her condition will look very worrying. At the same time, Koracick will be in charge of the new interns, while Link will return for a new operation. As for Maggie, she can count on the virtual presence of her boyfriend Winston to weather the storm. While waiting to discover the episode and our review tomorrow on melty , Kevin McKidd (Owen) has teased new surprises after Patrick Dempsey's return to Grey's Anatomy season 13.

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