Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy season 17: have Derek, Mark, Addison and Teddy ever crossed paths in New York?


While waiting for the rest of the season 11 from Grey's Anatomy, return to a possible meeting between several characters.

After we wondered if the broadcast of the season 17 from Grey's Anatomy and many other series will be further delayed due to a peak of Covid contamination – 19 in the States -United, we pass the time that separates us from the rest with some speculation. Yes, the next episodes could be released later than expected and so now is the time to go back to everything we know about the series and ask yourself a few questions about the past of the characters . For example, today it is Derek, Addison, Mark and Teddy that we will be interested in since they all have one very particular point in common: they all lived in New York.

Derek, Addison, Mark and Teddy – Credit (s): abc

Even if it is in Seattle that Grey's Anatomy , several characters do not originate from it and we learn at various points in the series that some of them lived at the across the country, in New York. Even though they may not have had the same training in the same places, one would think that Derek, Mark, Addison and Teddy may have crossed paths by chance in one of the many New York hospitals during an event of which none of them would have been aware since it was only much later that some were able to get to know the others. Obviously these are only speculations, but it also allows you to immerse yourself in the lives of the characters that we adore so much.

Teddy et Owen dans la saison 17

Teddy and Owen in the season 11 – Credit (s): abc

With the time they spend in Seattle, we tend to quickly forget that surgeons all had a life “before” the series and it is always interesting to see the writers lean into it to teach us a little more about their past and the consequences it had on what they have become. We know that Teddy's presence in New York and the death of his girlfriend Allison during the 11 September was decisive for the future and still has consequences for his current relationship with Owen. With a good dose of luck and chance, a meeting between Teddy and the little clan of Derek could therefore also have marked the intrigues present. However, there is little chance that the writers will one day look into this possibility and it is a shame, especially since the 4307060 season 11 season of Grey's Anatomy had the excuse perfect to bring back Addison thanks to Amelia .