Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy: The death of George O & amp; apos; Malley teased from the very first episode of the series?


Had Grey’s Anatomy already given all the clues about George’s death in her first episode?

Some series like to disseminate here and there clues about what will happen to their characters, and if we recently asked if Owen’s death has been teased since the start of the season 15 from Grey’s Anatomy , it’s the same kind of question we ask ourselves today, but concerning George. Some fans noticed that a line O’Malley said in the very first episode of the series ABC , titled “ A Hard Day’s Night “, could then apply to what happened to him. When the new interns get together after a particularly difficult day, George asks them if they are going to survive all this.

The “all that” obviously includes their first day, but fans also think it was a first clue that George was not going to survive his boarding school since he failed his exam unlike Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Izzie, and a clue about his death. Indeed of the whole MAGIC team, George is the only one not to have survived . Cristina is in Switzerland, Meredith is still in Seattle and Alex recently joined Izzie who just had her children – the actress

Katherine Heigl reacted harshly to this meeting . By wondering if he was going to survive, George may have asked the fateful question that guided his destiny …

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