Gray & apos; s Anatomy season 17: this character gets the most unfair treatment in the whole series


The rest of the season 17 of Grey's Anatomy had better be nicer with this character.

While we recently wondered if Derek, Mark, Addison and Teddy – always there in the season 17 of Grey's Anatomy – have already crossed paths in New York , today we are talking about another character much less known. But this is where the scandal lies since, as we have already pointed out, Taryn Helm – brilliantly played by Jaicy Elliot – is clearly underexploited in the series. Present since the season 14, Taryn had very few opportunities to reveal herself, unlike another intern who arrived at the same time: Levi Schmitt . So make no mistake, Levi is one of our favorites and we are delighted that he has had several exciting storylines in recent seasons, especially since his friendship with Taryn is always a pleasure to see. on the screen.

Taryn and her love for Meredith – Credit (s): abc This may interest you : Harry Potter: That Amazing Detail About Snape That No One Has Ever Noticed.

What we would like is especially that Taryn benefits from the same treatment since she could have had much more interesting plots than some that we had to endure, in particular the endless love triangle between Teddy, Owen and Tom. We only know that she has a huge crush on Meredith Gray and that she considers her a true goddess , but other than that, her character doesn't has not yet revealed much. His crush on Meredith could lead to interesting intrigues given the state of health of the latter in the season 14 after catching the coronavirus.

Carina, Taryn et Casey

Carina, Taryn and Casey – Credit (s): abc

But Taryn's homosexuality could also be shown more to bring lesbians back to center stage in Grey's Anatomy , the latter being discreet since the departure of Arizona Robbins. Whether it is thanks to her humor, her sarcasm when it comes to her colleagues, her affection for Meredith or her professional talents , Taryn still has a lot to show and we hope that the writers will give it time to prove itself. The interns have always been a good way to renew the series and bring a little freshness to it. If this has been perfectly demonstrated with Levi, we are still waiting to see the same with Taryn. In the meantime, come and see 4309670 if you are really stuck in series by finding to which series these mythical objects belong.

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