Green Arrow and the Canaries: Arrow spin-off canceled, could actresses join other Arrowverse shows?


After the announcement of the cancellation of the spin-off Green Arrow and the Canaries, is it possible that Mia, Dinah and Laurel are joining others Arrowverse shows?

Much to the disappointment of all fans of the Arrowverse, the Arrow, Green Arrow and the Canaries spin-off has been canceled by the CW . This series centered on Mia, Laurel and Dinah will unfortunately not see the light of day. However, the pilot had been broadcast during season 8 of Arrow and gave us a nice glimpse of what the show could deal with. In addition, many mysteries had been explored such as William’s disappearance and the fact that Dinah had found herself in 768 right after Oliver’s funeral, without any explanation. If fans wanted answers, they won’t! But then, could the three female characters join other series of the Arrowverse?

Encore un espoir ? Still hope? – Credit (s): The CW

The multiple crossovers that have sprung up since the inception of the Arrowverse have allowed actors from different shows to interact with each other to spice things up. Thus, it would be quite simple for some characters to land in other series. Laurel, Mia and Dinah could join the cast of The Flash , the time of one episode or more or well even in Superman and Lois . Since season 6 of Supergirl and season 4 of Black Lightning are the last and that this year, no crossover is planned due to the coronavirus pandemic, the actresses will not be able to appear in its series. In any case, with this universe everything is possible and it is necessary to keep

a little hope for the Arrow spin-off, Green Arrow and the Canaries.

Arrow season 8

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