Green Arrow and the Canaries still not confirmed, does the Arrow spin-off have a chance to see the light of day?


If the Arrow spin-off titled Green Arrow and the Canaries had a good chance of being commissioned in series, the silence around the project does not announces nothing good …

Almost a year ago, the CW had teased the possible arrival of a new Arrow spin-off, titled Green Arrow and the Canaries . Episode 9 of season 8 of Arrow had even served as a pilot for this potential series . Suffice to say that this new version of Arrow , 22% female had impressed us and created new mysteries. If this Arrow spin-off seemed to be on track to be ordered in series, we have no more news since January … For the moment, Green Arrow and the Canaries has not been confirmed. , nor canceled. But then, what could be the future of

this series which would make it possible to continue the legacy of 'Arrow?

Still a little hope! – Credit (s): The CW

The mystery hovers always above the spin-off of Arrow . The coronavirus pandemic has upset the plans of many series and even though Green Arrow and the Canaries had a good chance of being ordered in series, the world crisis could change everything. Shows were finally canceled and filming is more and more complicated to achieve because of the health protocol in place. So it's possible that the future of Green Arrow and the Canaries may be on hold, at least until the situation calms down.

With the imminent end of Supergirl after that of Arrow , the Arrowverse needs a little cooling and the plot around Mia in 2020 was quite interesting! We must not lose hope, the project has not yet been abandoned!

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