Harry Potter: 6 details of the saga that we still do not understand


No matter how much we look, we cannot find an explanation for certain details of the Harry Potter saga.

It's not just on the blockbuster Iron Man 2 that we still have questions ! This is also the case for the iconic saga Harry Potter . However, since the release of the last film, many mysteries and winks have been revealed. One might therefore think that there is not much to know or to elucidate. Nevertheless, certain details continue to escape us, or even remain incomprehensible to our eyes. Simple lack of consistency on the part of the writers? Scenic ellipse? Or did we just miss something? That is the question ! The 6 elements we tell you about just below may have made you frown too.

Dumbledore let Harry be abused by the Dursleys for years

What beautiful childhood Harry had! – Credit (s): warner bros

For some reason that cannot be explained, Dumbledore considered it normal to leave Harry living in a closet under a staircase and being abused for much of their life. At no point did he think it might be better to find him another family than the Dursleys? We imagine that it was to protect him from Voldemort, but still!

Sight problems exist in the wizarding world

What would Harry be without his round glasses? – Credit (s): Warner Bros

We really, REALLY find it hard to believe that there is no such thing as a spell, no potion, able to restore perfect sight to wizards. To see also : Outlander season 6: After Frank and Jamie, will Claire remarry? The latter are able to take the appearance of another, to produce filters of love and luck, erase a person's memory, regrow bones and even control spirits. Yet vision problems seem to remain an insurmountable obstacle. Or, no one thought about it. It's not just glasses

Harry Potter that doesn't make sense, so does his scar .

Wizards don't know much about Muggles

Apprendre un truc ou deux leur aurait pas fait de mal ! Apprendre un truc ou deux leur aurait pas fait de mal !

Learning a thing or two wouldn't have hurt them! – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Wizards live in a country with Muggles, sometimes share the same places, Muggle children also go to Hogwarts, See the article : The Resident season 4: episode 2, Nic reveals a secret to Conrad in the promo video. and yet they do not know them at all . However, we think that the best way to stay hidden from Muggle eyes would be to blend in with the crowd. Moreover, we never see wizards and witches talking about series, films or music from the culture of non-magical beings.

Accio is a spell only learned in fourth grade

As if Hermione wouldn't have been able to control him in the first year! – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

We don't know you, but On the same subject : Lucifer season 6: could the plot take place in paradise? Accio does not seem to us to be a more complicated spell than Alohomora or Wingardium Leviosa . It's even easier to say! However, it is only in the fourth year that they are taught. Why? Mystery.

Why lock the 3rd floor door when a spell can open it?

This is what we call a false good idea – Credit (s): Warner Bros

The 3rd floor? Not allowed ! There is even a locked door elsewhere. A great idea to use a lock, when you know that a simple spell used by early years is able to open it. C is what we call high security.

Hogwarts, an (in) complete education?

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