Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Marvel Studios … these fan theories will spin your brain


These fans have gone a little too far with their theories.

It is because there have been completely crazy theories on Avengers Endgame ! It must still be recognized that some have hit the nail on the head, and shown once again that you should never underestimate the power of the fans. They're not just able to get Hollywood studios to release a new version of a movie they didn't like. They also have a real spirit of deduction which allows them to discover the smallest secrets of a film. There are also times when their brains go too far, far too far, not evidenced by the theories we tell you about just below.

Biff found his vocation thanks to Marty

Biff Tannen in Back to the Future – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

When we see Biff Tannen working for McFly at the end of Back to the future , we say to ourselves that karma has played its role well. Except that a fan theory really doesn't agree with that at all. User SatNav on Reddit noticed that Biff has his own garage. In other words, his life has improved, and not the other way around, since he has his own business. This fan takes it a step further by assuming that Biff realized he loved the auto mechanic world when he fixed his own car, damaged more than once during his chases with Marty.

Marriage gives hallucinations

Cette théorie sur Very Bad Trip... c'est vraiment quelque choseCette théorie sur Very Bad Trip... c'est vraiment quelque chose

This theory on The Hangover … it's is really something – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Children can have imaginary friends, but so can the bride and groom! At least that's what a crazy theory claims about the movie The Hangover . According to this supposition proposed by nstb on Reddit, Phil, Stu and Alan don't exist and Doug went to Las Vegas alone. His three friends are actually hallucinations, caused by his immense stress at the idea of ​​getting married.

Tarzan, embarrassed by his own anatomy

Tarzan, the ace of vines and surf – Credit (s): Disney

You may be familiar with the (apparently verified) theory that

Tarzan is the big brother of Anna and Elsa from Frozen ? Well, we're going to tell you about another theory about the king of the jungle. According to this hypothesis, if Tarzan covers himself it is not only because he knows he is human, but above all because he is ashamed of the size of his private parts, larger than those of the gorillas of his family. So, to avoid being bothered because of that, he prefers to hide them. CQFD!

There is an error on the mission

Obi-Wan guides (watches?) Luke Skywalker in A New Hope – Credit (s): LucasFilm

We all thought that 'Obi-Wan Kenobi was on a mission to protect Luke Skywalker. This is not the case with a fan responding to the alias of TheOrdinaryCritic on Reddit. For this person, the famous Jedi had above all to make sure that Luke does not follow in his father's footsteps. So basically he wasn't there to make sure Luke's safety, but rather the safety of the galaxy in case the latter went wrong. This is what we call a beautiful proof of confidence …

God is not the one that we believe

Morgan Freeman aka God in Bruce Almighty … or not? – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

In the cult movie Bruce Almighty , Jim Carrey is offered the powers of God, embodied by Morgan Freeman. Hang on tight, because the following fan theory will make you see the movie differently. Morgan Freeman does not play God, but Satan. The main argument of the author of this hypothesis is that God would never give such powers to a mere mortal, simply because he no longer really believes in himself. On the other hand, the Devil would not hesitate to sow discord on Earth. Frankly, it holds up!

Harry Potter, a Dementor magnet

Love at first sight between Harry Potter and a Dementor – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Have you ever wondered why the Dementors seem so attracted to Harry Potter? This fan theory may have guessed the answer: it's because he has more than one soul. Eh yes ! He has his soul, but also a small part of Voldemort's. To make it short, the Dementors see Harry Potter as a bigger buffet than 'elsewhere. At the same time, you might as well go where there is the most.

Spider-Man, a fashion designer at heart

Did you notice that Spider-Man seemed particularly good at sewing? Well, not the MCU's, but his predecessors. The guys took off their pajamas and ended up with an amazing costume. A theory nevertheless offers a solution: it is part of their superpowers. Weaving webs is second nature to spiders, which is why Peter Parker suddenly becomes an outstanding fashion designer, able to create and repair his own costume. This theory goes a long way, but it's quite a good idea.

Drax, king of the 1, 2, 3 sun!
Demonstration of invisibility by Drax – Credit (s) : Marvel Studios

Drax has a special power, he can become invisible … at least that's what he believes. Why this ? Simply because he is unable to see things that are not moving. Which is why Baby Groot stops dancing as soon as he is. looked. Except that Drax doesn't know that his extra thing doesn't exist in all species. So they imagine that by remaining motionless, he is invisible to the eyes of his friends in the Guardians of the Galaxy. This theory is really like Drax!