Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe describes the crazy shooting of a scene with animals in Pouldard


Daniel Radcliffe describes the crazy shooting of a Harry Potter scene with a very naughty monkey!

In a recent interview, Daniel Radcliffe , the star of the Harry Potter , described the crazy shooting of a scene with animals! According to the actor, the behavior of a monkey was really inappropriate, especially considering that this is a film primarily intended for children. During the shots intended to box a class of Professor McGonagall, the fan favorite character of Harry Potter , one of the little furry comedians has completely let go! “ I mean, I have to tell this story. You asked about such a specific thing in this McGonagall class … There were a lot of animals, first of all, to answer this part of the question, they must have more than sixty there “explains Daniel Radcliffe to Hot Ones.

I don't imagine that they were all together often on set, but it is certain that in this scene, in the Transfiguration room, there was some sort of monkey in a cage starting to jerk off, uh, relentlessly . But in general, the animals behaved very well. Oh, but I think a bat may have pissed on Rupert [Grint] at some point as well. But yes, I got out pretty clean after that “concludes Daniel Radcliffe. No doubt shooting this sequence must have made the members of the technical team laugh. set that day! It's surprising to realize that today, there are still anecdotes to discover behind the scenes from the magical world of Harry Potter . Besides, you will be surprised by Draco's screen time throughout the saga!

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