Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe kept some very strange props from the set


Harry Potter

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In the shooting memories category of Harry Potter, we ask for the most bizarre.

years go by and it’s been a while since the last film in the saga Harry Potter was released in theaters – proof with this souvenir photo of Emma Watson and Tom Felton – but the anecdotes keep coming. Today it concerns Daniel Radcliffe, who has slipped into Harry Potter’s shoes for years. During a recent interview, the actor returned to the objects he kept from the shoot , and if some are quite classic, other accessories are more than weird. “I have a few pairs of glasses, I don’t really know where they are … in the attic in my parents’ house, it’s something pretty weird to find in the attic! ”

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But Harry’s famous pairs of round glasses are far from the strangest accessory kept by Daniel Radcliffe . “I also have a prosthetic arm which was made for the scene where Harry loses all his arm bones . So I have a big, soft arm in my attic. And when I had 06 or 11 years, they made a mold of my head that I also kept “. Glasses, arm very soft and mold of her child’s face , Daniel Radcliffe who recently admitted to being embarrassed by his role in the saga clearly kept original memories of his time in Harry Potter.